CECILIA Alpaca Wool Leather Hand Strap Camera Strap MFD1152

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CECILIA Gallery Designer hand strap / carrying strap / camera strap made from the finest Peruvian baby alpaca wool and full-grain, smooth leather from Argentinian cows, in black - black / MFD1152


This hand strap is compatible with or suitable for: Canon EOS M5, EOS M6, PowerShot G5 X, G7 X Mark II, G9 X Mark II, Fuji Fujifilm X100F, X-T1, X-T2, X-T10, X- T20, X-Pro1, X-Pro2, X100, X100T, X100S, X10, X20, X30, X-E1, X-E2, X-E2S, Hasselblad X1D-50C, Leica M10, Leica Q and M series, Nikon Coolpix B700, D500, D750, D7200, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark II, OM-D E-M10 Mark II, Olympus Pen-F, E-PL8, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100, DMC-GX8, DC-GH5, DC-GX800, DMC-FZ1000, DMC-FZ2000, DMC-GX80, DMC-G81, DMC-LX15, DMC-TZ101, DMC-TZ81, Pentax KP, Sigma sd Quattro, Sony DSC-RX10 III, DSC-RX100, DSC -RX100 II, DSC-RX100 III, DSC-RX100 IV, DSC-RX100 V, Sony Alpha 7II, Alpha 6000, Alpha 6500, Alpha 9, Alpha SLT-A99 II, as well as many other compact, DSLR and system cameras, which one Hand straps or camera straps have eyelets.

Full Description
CECILIA is at the head of a family-run leather, tanning and trading company that is now in its 5th generation and can look back on more than 100 years of experience. Designed together with honorable photographers and designed in New York, handcrafted from the finest materials worldwide, CECILIA has set itself the goal of being one of the best leather manufacturers for photographers.

The hand strap offered here was made from exquisite Peruvian baby alpaca wool, which is spun into a hypoallergenic fiber after shearing that hardly absorbs any moisture and has an extremely high tensile strength. This natural fiber is then woven by hand according to a centuries-old tradition on horizontal hip belt looms, a very old form of back belt weaving equipment, and combined with the best, surface-finished "full grain" smooth leather from Argentine cattle. But that's not all: As a direct connection to your camera, a "Dacron" cord tested for a draw weight of around 58 kg, a fiber that is normally used as a bowstring or in sailing, is used. Additionally attached to the hand strap with a nylon reinforcement that has even been tested for a pull weight of 110 kg, this is probably one of the most durable connections that a leather hand strap can make with a camera.

Special features:

* handmade CECILIA shoulder strap, made from Peruvian baby alpaca wool and full-grain, smooth leather from Argentinian cows
* can be used on both sides (turning loop)
* A "Dacron" cord, tested for a pull weight of around 58 kg, connects the wrist strap to your camera and thus enables safe, practical and stylish carrying of the same
* Length x width (approx.): 35 cm x 11 mm


* 1x CECILIA Alpaca Wool Leather Hand Strap Black/Black
* Delivered in a high-quality gift box